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Ashley Burke & Nick Miller

Our Story

Six Years Together

Ashley and Nick met in 2006 at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH

The over-talkative coastal Maine boy somehow made an impression on the independent and sassy local New Hampshire girl, and it wasn't long before they fell head over heels for each other, and became an inseparable duo. They both seemed to compliment each other, Nick the patient and cautious one, and Ashley, the assertive and vocal one. They were even members of corresponding brother and sister greek organizations.

Nick graduated two years ahead of Ashley, and upon her graduation she embarked on a two-year cross country job program.

Despite the distance, their bond strengthened and Ashley's various living locations allowed her and Nick to explore the country together including: Texas, Virginia and Arizona.

After five years together, with John and Lucille Burke's blessing of course, Nick proposed to Ashley on Nov. 22, 2011. She said ,"yes!" (See how it unfolded in the "Proposal" section).

In the spring of 2012, Ashley accepted a permanent job in Texas, and Nick followed her down to the Lone Star State to continue their journey.

Check back here after the wedding to see our wedding photos from our award winning photographer John LoConte.

Ashley's Engagement Ring

The Proposal

Ashley's favorite time of year is Christmas and decorating the Christmas tree. So for the past few years, her family has been purchasing their tree the day after Thanksgiving so she could decorate it while she was home. Nick seized upon this tradition to surprise her with his proposal.

He bought a heart shaped ornament and engraved the words "Will You Marry Me?" and recruited Ashley's parents to find the perfect Christmas tree.

What was supposed to be a relaxing day by the fire watching their favorite Christmas movies, listening to Bing Crosby, and decorating the Christmas tree, turned into a day of errands. Ashley clearly had no idea. Once he finally got her home, he got down on both knees and began handing her ornaments to hang on the tree. When she wasn't looking he grabbed the heart ornament and handed it to her. She took a quick look and placed it on the tree, then looked back for the next ornament as if nothing had happened.

"Did you read it?" he nervously asked.

"Yeah, why? It's just my parent's 25th wedding anniversary ornament," she responded.

She clearly did not read it. "Read it again," he said.

Perplexed she re-read the engraving and her jaw dropped to the floor, "This is for me!?"

Nick pulled out the ring, a sparkling custom Neil Lane ring with a Tolkowsky diamond, and asked her to marry him. She of course said "yes."